The word ‘ Anaesthesia ‘ means no pain. The advancement in the field of Surgery is mainly because the pain factor was taken care of by the Anaesthesiologist. Every possible curative, diagnostic, palliative procedure could be performed comfortably without pain and within haemodynamicaly safe parameters. The pain relief could as well be extended to the post operative period. Apart from surgical procedures, pain relief is given for acute & chronic pain relief and for cancer pain.
Another aspect of Anaesthesiolgy is the involvement in critical care, respiratory support and emergency medicine.
To summarize, Anaesthesiology provides a large umbrella which involves clinical anaesthesia, pain & palliative analgesia, critical care, respiratory support and emergency care.
We at Jubilee Mission Medical College are involved all these aspects of Anaesthesiology.


Anaesthesiology department works for 24 hrs all 365 days. From morning 8 a.m. till list is over, routine cases are done simultaneously in the 18 operation theaters available in this hospital. Round the clock anaesthsia cover is available for all emergencies.

Sl.NoNameDesignationQualificationDate of Joining
1Dr. Mariam Koshi ThomasProfessorMBBS, MD16 January 1991
2Dr. Usha ShenoyProfessorMBBS, MD28 October 1994
3Dr. Davies C VProfessorMBBS, DNB, DA03 December 1996
4Dr. Sugatha PrakashProfessorMBBS, MD, DM17 November 2003
5Dr. Shibu C KallivalappilProfessorMBBS, MD01 June 2010
6Dr. Bijoy ChirayathAssociate ProfessorMBBS, MD01 December 2009
7Dr. Vigil Raj ZachariahAssociate ProfessorMBBS, MD01 February 2011
8Dr. Sebastian S ValiaveedanAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD22 October 2011
9Dr. Aparna ChandramohanAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD01 December 2015
10Dr. Rakesh RajagopalAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD03 January 2017
11Dr. Revi T RSenior ResidentMBBS, DA13 February 1994
12Dr. Sudha MuralidharanSenior ResidentMBBS, DNB01 July 2009
13Dr. Smitha ThomasSenior ResidentMBBS, DA07 January 2013
14Dr. Vigy VargheseSenior ResidentMBBS, DNB, MD04 May 2022
15Dr. Deepthi DilipSenior ResidentMBBS, DNB17 January 2023
16Dr. Aparna A VSenior ResidentMBBS, MD20 July 2023
17Dr. Aryadevi A S Senior ResidentMBBS, MD, DNB12 September 2023
18Dr. Vishnu GopalSenior ResidentMBBS, MD26 September 2023
19Dr. Anjali Anna ThomasSenior ResidentMBBS, MD22 November 2023
20Dr. Keerthana SSenior ResidentMBBS, MD19 March 2024

To begin with there were no anaesthetist. The year was 1958. The surgeon would manage the anaesthesia himself. However, as the number of cases grew, the surgeon, for peace of his own mind had to look for an anaesthesiologist. A tribe which was in very short supply those days. First they got a person on a visiting basis, for a few days in a week. Later they got one Dr. Bansali from Bombay. He worked here for a year and then left to join his sisters Gynaecology practice. Replacement for Dr.Bansali came by way of two anaesthesiologists - Dr.Uma Desai and Dr. Gool Mistry. Their husbands – Dr. Desai and Dr. Mistry were general surgeons and were a part of the surgery department. This was sheer luxury and emboldened the surgical team to accept and execute major surgical procedures in those days when most hospital would not dare to venture into surgical cases. This put Jubilee Mission Hospital [as it was known then] head and shoulders above other medical institutions.
Dr. Uma Desai left to do private practice in 1983. She was replaced by Dr.James Joseph. Soon they appointed four anaesthetist. Then at regular intervals they appointed qualified people. The department was recognized for training DNB postgraduate course. We could admit two students in a year.
By the year 2000 the idea of converting the hospital into a medical college had taken shape. Recruitment was as per the instructions given by the Medical Council of India. Operation theaters were redesigned, sophisticated equipments of international standards replaced the old ones. A premedication and recovery room was added to the operation theater complex. A total realignment of the department took place. Academics needs were given the priority. Super speciality anaesthesia care was developed. We have a Cardio-thoracic unit doing all cardiac and thoracic surgeries, a neuro surgery complex, a urology complex. This hospital is a recognized centre for ‘Smile Train’ services. Maxillo-facial surgeries are also done routinely.
Pain relief was the other major care that was provided.To begin with a labour anaesthesia unit was started. This was followed by a ‘Pain Clinic’. Then the Ultra Sound guided regional nerve blocks.
Every new drug was taken on trail. Every new procedure was tried.
We have a very modern ICU with all the latest gadgets for monitoring and analyses.

We impart our experience with the rest of our fraternity. We have a yearly CME [continuing medical education] program called “JAI”[Jubilee Anaesthesia Insight] which imparts knowledge on recent trends and also provides valuable 3 to 4 CME credit hours which is mandatory for registration purposes. This progamme is very popular among the anaesthesiologists.

We have two M.D.seats per year. So far two batches i.e. four students have passed out from this institution.

We also have a Diploma and Degree Anaesthesia technicians paramedical course. The combined output of these courses is 35 technicians per year. Most of our technician students are employed in the middle-east countries.


Sky is the limit. But we believe in being humble. Primarily we aspire to be the safest and affordable hospital were service is with a smile. Then we would like to be the most modern department with all the latest technologies available. This will enable the growth of every staff and student working in the department.

    • 3 year Doctoral Course, Affiliated to "Kerala University of Health Sciences" (KUHS),
      Recognised by the "Medical Council of India"
    • Conducted by "Christain Medical Association of India" (CMAI)
  • Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia
    • 1 Week
      • Contact Dr. Davies, Mob:+91 93878 90689
    • Cardio-Thoraic Anaesthesia
      • 1 Year
        • Contact Dr. Shibu, Mob:+91 94470 778172
Pain Medicine
  • Consultants
    • Dr. Davies C.V Adl Professor & Director Divison of path Medicine
  • Pain Clinic
    • Time Monday-Friday : 9AM TO 1PM
  • Services
    • Acute intractable pain,
      Chronic pain syndromes,
      Reflex sympathetic pain syndromes,
      Cancer pain, Ischaemic leg pain etc
  • Interventional Procedures
    • C-arm guided / Ultarsound guided
    • Neurolytic / Sub-Neurolytic Blocks
    • Radio Frequency Ablation
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