The department assures the supply of safe and quality blood and its products to the patients and provide high quality services.

  • Standards in techniques and quality control are meticulously maintained as laid down in the Drugs and Cosmetics Acts, by the regulatory authority, Director Drugs Controller (India), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, and also internationally recommended methods.
  • The department works round-the-clock and blood and its products are supplied as and when requested.
  • Blood donation is accepted from voluntary blood donors and the relatives and friends of the patients.
  • Autologous blood donation is also accepted.
  • The blood donors are educated about the infections transmitted by the transfusion of blood and its products. Persons with high risk behavior for having infection like HIV are advised to exclude themselves from blood donation.
  • 80% of collected blood is processed into components like red cells, platelets and fresh frozen plasma (FFP). The use of components is better and more effective.

Services Provided
  • Blood donors screening and clinical examination.
  • Screening of blood for transfusion-transmitted diseases.
    • HBV (HBsAg) by ELISA
    • HIV 1 and 2 (anti-HIV 1 & 2) by ELISA
    • HCV (anti-HCV) by ELISA
    • Syphilis
    • Malaria
  • Red Cells serology - tests for AB & Rh(D).
  • Antibody screening for complete and incomplete antibodies.
  • Antihuman Globulin Test - manual and Gel technology.
  • Titre of incomplete antibodies by Antihuman Globulin Test (I.D. Gel technique)
  • Compatibility test is done both for complete & incomplete antibodies
  • Compatibility test for incomplete antibodies is done by Coombs' test (I.D. Gel Technology)
  • Adverse reactions of blood transfusion are investigated.
Blood Components Preparation
  • Red cells
  • Platelet concentrate
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma
  • Cryoprecipitate

Note: Red cells are preserved in preservative solution Adsol / SAGM and have extended shelf-life upto 42 days. Platelets are reserved in the bags of PVC plasticised with trimalliate (Baxter PL 1240) for 5 days at 20-240C in incubator with agitation.

Leukocytes-Reduced Blood Components

Donors leukocytes present in cellular blood components are linked to wide range of transfusion adverse reactions mainly non-hemolytic reactions, HLA alloimmunization and platelet refractoriness.

  • Techniques for preparing leukocytes reduced components are:
    • New Semi-automated method (using Top and Bottom quadruple bags and OPTI System)
  • Techniques for Preparing Platelet concentrates in this blood bank are :
    • from platelet rich plasma-platelet yield is 5x1010
    • from Buffy coat - platelet yield is 6-7X 1010 with leukocytes reduced to log 3, 70-99% leuko-reduction
  • Platelets are preserved in the bags of PVC plasticized with trimalliate (Baxter PL 1240) for 5 days at 20-240C in incubator with agitation.

Quality Control
  • Standard Operative Procedures (SOPs) are maintained & followed
  • Quality control protocols are followed according to the Drugs & Cosmetic Acts prescribed by Director Drugs Controller (India), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (India)
External Quality Control
  • CMC Hospital, Vellore
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