Anatomy being the cornerstone of medical science, a clear and comprehensive understanding of human anatomy is quintessential as it is the science of the macro and micro structure of the human body. Good health is directly related to standard structures of human anatomy and its variants. Therefore without sound knowledge of human anatomy; medical knowledge, skill and experience would be imperfect. Expertise on any branch of medical science cannot be fully developed if the fundamentals are not comprehended. It is Anatomy that provides the precise idea of position, shape, size, relations, structure, and function of all the structures present in the body. This is the basic and most important constituent of medical science. Therefore the teaching of Anatomy in association with the most advance of technology is the focus point of the department.

State of the art teaching by way of lectures, audiovisuals and practical training in dissection coupled with new technologies to impart knowledge of structures and morphological features in human body for advancing their skill in various branches of medical knowledge is undertaken. The institute is committed to produce world class doctors to serve the community & country at a global standard.

Anatomical science has been stratified into Gross Anatomy, Developmental Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Clinical Anatomy, Histology, Radiography and Genetics for better understanding by the students. Teaching is carried out by highly competent faculty and is equipped with best configuration of labs, tutorials, demonstrations and well planned lectures.

Sl.NoNameDesignationQualificationDate of Joining
1Dr. Ranjith SProfessorPhD28 February 2008
2Dr. Nandagopalan P AProfessorMBBS, MD01 August 2018
3Dr. Aaron David KotturanAssociate ProfessorMBBS, MD16 June 2014
4Dr. Anusha AbrahamAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD, DNB22 September 2021
5Dr. Linu BabySenior ResidentMBBS, MD20 April 2022
6Dr. Neeraja RamakrishnanSenior ResidentMBBS, MD12 September 2022
7Dr. Soumya Lakshmy Menon Senior ResidentMBBS, MD02 August 2023
8Dr. Minsha RahimanTutorMBBS13 January 2023

In the year 2003, Prof. Dr. V. Bhagyam (Retd. Prof. & Head of the Dept. of Anatomy, Calicut Medical College) established the maiden department. She took up the venture whole heartedly and ever since, till date the department has been under her eminent leadership.

It currently occupies the first floor, in the C and D blocks of the college building.

  • imparting a comprehensive concept of anatomy which provides an understanding of the anatomical basis and the clinical correlation of disease presentation
  • foster collaborative learning among students
  • improve continually the efficiency of learning for the students
  • assist inter & intra departmental teaching and research needs
  • share our teaching and learning techniques with the intellectual community at large
  • impart basic anatomical knowledge required for grass root healthcare workers

Undergraduates encompassing various fields of the medical fraternity including MBBS, B.Sc Nursing, Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology, Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology, Diploma in Anaesthesia Technology, and Diploma in Medical Records come under the purview of this department.

  • Museum
  • The departmental museum boasts a vast collection of wet specimens, bones, skiagrams, models and charts depicting osteology, gross anatomy, embryology etc. In conformity with the latest advances, a section on cross sectional anatomy has been added thus aiding students to correlate CTs with the actual anatomy.

  • Dissection Hall
  • The in – house dissection hall asserts an accommodative strength of 150 students at any given time. The hall being well lit & amply spacious caters to every need of the students. The presence of large and small dissection tables and state of the art instruments which the students use under the able guidance of the faculty, adequate ventilation and drainage facilities, ample space for display of models, radiographs and bones, all culminate in a harmonious exchange of knowledge.

    Attached to the dissection hall, are the embalming room, the cold storage room, formalin tanks with various specimens for teaching as well as exam purposes, the section cutting room, the room for the curator, artist and modeller and a museum specimen preparation room.

  • Histology
  • The first floor of the C block also houses the Histology laboratory, Slide preparation room, Research laboratory.Departmental library, Seminar rooms, Store room and Faculty room. The histology lab is well equipped with a modern configuration in conformity to the recent trends.


The following students bagged top positions in the examinations conducted by the Kerala University Of Health Sciences.

Henna Faizel (2010 – 2011) – 1st position in 1st year university exam

Kavya C – (2012 – 2013) – 2nd position in 1st year university exam

Chandni P.R – (2012 – 2013) – 3rd position in 1st year university exam


The research goal of the department is to produce excellent biomedical research that is recognized nationally and internationally by promoting & providing:

  • a research culture which encourages excellence in research.
  • an optimal physical environment for research.
  • necessary infrastructure for high quality research.
  • The department aims to be a leading internationally esteemed centre for research and medical teaching across the length & breadth of the discipline of Anatomical Sciences.
  • It will undertake excellent research that is at the forefront and provide high quality medical teaching and learning for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • It plans to actively engage with the wider medical community through horizontal & vertical integration.
  • It plans to involve students in minor projects to give them an early exposure to the fundamentals of research & paper presentation.
  • It will strive to attract and retain the most talented students of the country and provide the appropriate physical resources that will facilitate research and learning.
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