• Mary Maids

    An organization of housewives who spend a few hours per week in the hospital, attending to the needs of poor patients.

  • Jubilee Fraternity

    A body of the citizens of Thrissur, helping the administration as an Advisory Body.

  • Sahrudaya Blood and Eye Society

    Sahrudaya blood and Eye Society with a mobile unit/was inaugurated on 31st December 1997. Free Eye camps and blood grouping camps are our every Sunday activities. On all the days of National and Religious importance we conduct Blood donation Camps and students from colleges and the general public participate in large numbers. Voluntary donors visit the hospital on all Sundays and donate blood to the needy patients. JMMC is the headquarters of the Kerala Blood Donors Forum and Sahrudaya Eye society.

  • St.Joseph Help Line Group of Social Workers

    An organization of social workers who spend noon time in the hospital attending the needs of outpatients. This social workers group include retired persons from various sectors.

  • 'Nanma' Counselling Centre

    “Human Life is sublime and the right to live is supreme. Therefore the society has the responsibility to protect its members. Society will be able to undertake this responsibility only through social transformation, through which the life of people should become more simple and members show concern for each other”.This suicide prevention counselling centre - 'NANMA' is functioning in JMMC.

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