Principal : Dr. Praveen Lal Kuttichira

Vice Principal: Dr. Dr.Susheela Innah

Medical Education unit in JMMC started in 2004.

Dr. Sreekumari Professor of biochemistry was the co-ordinator. She conducted periodical training (topic wise ).

Dr. Gopakumar take the charge of MEU on 1.1.2009.

26.10.11 MEU arranged an one day workshop in association with MEU of Govt Medical college, Thrissur.

23.11.2013- Consequent to the relieving of Dr.K.N Gopakumaran Kartha, Dr.K.A.Sathiavathy, Prof & HOD of Microbiology is appointed as co-ordinator of MEU of JMMC & RI with immediate effect as per order E/3582/13/JMMC&RI.

The following staff members of Jubilee Mission Medical college & Research Institute had attended the Basic course in Medical education Technologies conducted by MCI regional center, Govt Medical college, Kozhikode during the last 3 years.

  • 1st workshop : 31-8-11 to 2-9-2011
    Dr. Arathi Amin , Associate Prof of Physiology
  • 2nd workshop : 1st 3rd Feb 2012
    Dr.Shialaja.T.S , Associate Prof Of Microbiology
    Dr.Naseem .P.K
  • 3rd workshop : 21st 23rd June 2012
    Dr. V.Bhagym , Prof of Anatomy
    Dr.K.R.Indira Kumari ,Prof of Physiology
    Dr.K.A.Sathiavathy,Prof & HOD of Microbiology
  • 4th workshop : 10th -12th oct 2012
    Dr.Gopakumaran Kartha, Prof of Physiology
    Dr. K.V.Suseela, Associate Prof of Microbiology
  • 5th workshop : 28th Feb 2nd March 2013
    Dr.Chithra Valsan.N ,Associate Prof of Microbiology
  • Basic course at Kottayam centre on sept 2011attended by Dr.Binoy Kurian, Associate Prof of Microbiology.

  • 6th workshop 27.11.13 to 29.11.13
    Dr. Viji Krishnan, Assitant Prof Of Physiology
    Dr.Sanjeev Kumar, Assitant Prof of Paediatrics
  • Dr. K. Padmakumar,Associate Professor Forensic Medicine had attended Basic course workshop conducted by MCI regional center, Govt Medical college, Kottayam during the period 6-9-10 to 9.9.10,and also in July 2012 at CMC Vellore.

    Dr.Biju Bahuleyan ,Professorof Physiologyhad attended the 1st Basic course workshop conducted by MCI regional center, Govt Medical college, Kozhikode during 31-8-11 to 2-9-2011. She joined in Jubilee Mission Medical college December 2013

The MEU is reconstituted with the following members in January 2014
Fr. Francis Pallikunnath- - Director- Patron
Dr. V.K.Raman kutty - Principal
Dr.Alex Joseph Vice principal

  • Dr.K.A.Sathiavathy, Prof & HOD of Microbiology Co-ordinator
  • Dr. Indira Kumari, Prof &HOD of Physiology
  • Dr. Bhagym, Prof & HOD of Anatomy
  • Dr, Shailaja, Associate Prof of Microbiology
  • Dr.Chithra Valsan, Additional Prof of Microbiology
  • Dr.Binoy Kurian, Associate Prof of Microbiology
  • Dr. Viji Krishnan, Assitant Prof Of Physiology
  • Dr.Sanjeev Kumar, Additional Prof of Paediatrics
  • Dr. Padmakumar. Associate Professor of Forensic Medicine
  • Dr. Biju Bahuleyan, Prof of Physiology

8th workshop. 12.03.14 to 14.03.14

Basic course in Medical education Technologies conducted by MCI regional centre, Govt Medical college, Kozhikode was attended by

  • Dr.Lola Ramachandran, Associate professor of OBG
  • Dr.Anu Francis- Assistanat Professor of Anatomy
  • Dr.Vivek Gopinath-Assistanat Professor of Emergency Medicine.

They were also included in the Medical Education Unit. The Medical education team then have altogether 13 members

Activities -2014

YearsTheme of workshopFacultyNo. of Participants2014 (4/2/2014)Student induction program- an interactive session ( leadership,Attitude, comunication skill and personality development)Mrs.Jaseela Francis, Vice President

Talent ManagementAmerican University of India, Kodaikanal Chithra115 MBBS Students03/05/14Communication skill- Half day workshop 10AM- 1.00 PM- in the CCM hall of administrative blockRole play by interns

Faculty from outside

  • Dr. Ganapathy Rao, Professor of Medicine, AIMS, Cochi
  • Dr. V.V.Unnikrishnan- Additional Prof of Physiology- Govt. MCTCR30 interns
  • List attached 19thto 21stJune 2014 conducted Basic course workshop for Faculties -in the Medical education Hall, JMMC All MEU members

Activities -2014




Student induction programme

on 04.02.2014 an interactive session covering the topics Leadership, Attitude, communication and personality development presented byMrs. Jasheela Francis, Vice-president- Talent management, American University of India, Kodaikanal

115 participants- MBBS students & Faculty

Communication Skills Half Day Workshop for Residents

May 3rd 2014

Venue: CCM Hall, at Jubilee Mission Medical college

30 junior residents participated in the workshop Role play by Residents

How to tackle different types of cases.

Divided into 5 groups and different cases were given for role play. And it is followed by group discussion

Guest lectures by Dr. Ganapathy Rao, Professor of Medicine,AIMS,Kochi and Dr.V.V.Unnikrishnan, Additional Professor of Physiology, Govt.medical College, Trichur

1st Basic course workshop

Basic course workshop for Medical faculty from  june 19th to 21st 2014  at JM MC, MEU Hall Number of faculty for training is 25.

Dr. Asma the convenor, Regional Center of MEU, Associate Professor of Community medicine Govt. Medical College, Calicut. Was the MCI Observer

Sessions Time Schedule Faculty Duration
9.00 am to 9.15 am
15 minutes
9.15 to 10.00 am
45 minutes
10.00 to 10.30 am
Dr.Bhagym 30 minutes
Group Dynamics
10.30 to 11.00 am
Dr. Sathiavathy 30 minutes
Teaching Learning Process
11.00 to 11.15 am
Dr.Indira Kumari 15 minutes
Adult Learning
11.15 to 12 noon
Dr.Chithra Valsan 45 minutes
Systems Approach
12 noon to 12.15pm
Dr.Padma kumar 15 minutes
Taxonomy of Learning
12.15 to 12.45 pm
Dr.Viji Krishnan 30 minutes
Educational Objectives
12. 45 to 1.15 pm
Dr.Biju Bahuleyan 30 minutes
1.15 pm to 1.45 pm
30 minutes
Specific learning objectives
1.45 pm to 2.45 pm
Dr.Sanjeev Kumar / Dr. Lola Ramachandran 60 minutes
2.15 pm to 2.45 pm
Dr.Anu 30 minutes
Microteaching 2.45 pm to 3.45 pm Dr.Binoy Kurian 60 minutes
DAY II (20.6.14)
Sessions Time Schedule Faculty Duration
9.00 am to 9.30 am
30 minutes
Curriculum development & Quality assurance
9.15am -10.15 am
Dr.Sathiavathy 60 minutes
Principles of Assessment General Principles, Purpose, types, Aligning with objectives
10.30 am to 11.15am
Dr.Anu Francis / Dr.Biju Bahuleyan 45 minutes
Essay type questions and their improvement
MCQs including items analysis
Assessment of Knowledge
11.15 am- 1.00 pm
Dr. Vivek Gopinath 1 hr 45 minutes
01.00 pm to 1.45 pm
45 minutes
Microteaching Participants Setting of question paper and concept of Blue printing
1.45 pm 2.15 pm
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar 30 minutes
Open House Related to T-L & assessment
2. 15- 2. 45 pm
MEU team 30 minutes
Importance and Skills of giving effective Feedback
2.45-3.15 pm
Dr.Viji Krishnan 30 minutes
Internal assessment-Principles and application
3.15-4.15 pm
Dr.Biju Bahuleyan 60 minutes
DAY III (21.3.15)
SessionsTime ScheduleFaculty Duration
8.45 am to 9.15 am
Participants 30 minutes
Large group & Small group
9.15 am -10.45 am
Dr. Sathiavathy
Dr.Padma Kumar
Dr.Chithra Valsan
90 minutes
Principles of e-Learning, Virtual and distance learning
10.45 am 11.30am
Dr. Binoy/Dr.Biju Bahuleyan 45 minutes
Good Teaching Practice
Integrated learning
Early clinical exposure
Communication skills
11.30am -12.45pm
MCI Observer 75 minutes
12.45 pm to 1.00 pm
15 minutes
1.00pm to 1.30pm
30 minutes
Practical examination
Bed side teaching
Oral and Viva voce
Long case and its improvement
1.30pm -3.45pm
Dr.Lola Ramachandran
Dr.Sanjeev Kumar
Dr.Anu Francis & Team
2hr 15 minutes
Project Planning
3.45 pm to 4.15 pm
MEU Team 30 minutes
Activities -2014
Sl. No. Faculty Designation Phone Email
1 Dr. K.A. Sathiavathy Professor 9847014888
2 Dr.Indira Kumari Professor 9847678317
3 Dr.K. Padmakumar Assoc.Professor 0984690060
4 Dr.Shailaja T.S. Assoc. Professor 9446522641
5 Dr. V. Bhagyam Professor
6 Dr.Chitra Valsan Addl. Professor 9446012885
7 Dr. Binoy Kurian Assoc. Professo 8943143221
8 Dr. Viji Krishnan Assoc. Professor 8281809432
9 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Addl.Professor 9447238234
10 Dr. Anu Francis Asst. Professor 9446568589
11 Dr. Biju Bahuleyan Professor 9846915151
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