The Department was started in the same year of starting the Jubilee Mission Medical college & Research Institutein the year 2003. It has an inpatient facility to accommodate thirty five patients plus payward rooms where around ten patients are usually accommodated. All diagnostic categories are received in this facility including Acute Psychotic Reactions and Substances Abuse Disorder.

The outpatient services are open on six days a week and on an average fifty patients a day are received. Besides receiving and working up all diagnostic categories of new patients, special follow up clinics for chronic Schizophrenics on clozapine treatment and Mood Disorder patients who are on Lithium prophylaxis are conducted.

As for the treatment modalities being offered in this department, besides drug treatment and Electro Convulsive Treatment, various forms of psychotherapeutic treatments are administered. Also Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other newer forms of psychosocial interventions are being carried out. Supportive psychotherapeutic and counseling services is provided through a special centre called “Hope Centre” which is functioning in close collaboration with Clinical Psychology section of the department.

There is a considerable volume of work in the area of consultation – liaison psychiatry where on an average eight patients from various departments, including all the super specialty departments, are being worked up every day.

In the inpatient area, besides the usual patient dormitory, nursing station etc., there is a well equipped treatment room for administering Electro Convulsive Treatment and similar other therapies. There is also a fairly large area kept aside for providing recreational facilities for patients.

The Clinical Psychology section of the department has facilities to administer all psychometric tests as well as projective tests.

With regards to teaching and academic programmes in the department, MBBS students are given clinical clerk-ship training in their fourth semester for two weeks. With regards to training of House Surgeons, they are posted for a period of two weeks in the department, where besides participating in various academic programmes, they are given training in managing all sorts of emergency situations that could arise in a general hospital psychiatry practice. twenty lecture classes are taken for MBBS students during their 7th / 8th semester of training. The same number of lecture classes is taken for B.Sc nursing students.

Clinical Psychology and Social Work / Sociology students from various institutions from inside and outside Kerala take clinical attachment to the department for periods ranging from two weeks to six months. Besides Clinical Psychologists, other faculty members are also involved in imparting them training in clinical skills.

The department extends its service to psychiatry facilities outside the college campus. Dr. Neethi Valsan, Assistant Professor, makes visits to rehabilitation center for Chronic Schizophrenics located at Mulayam on a regular basis. The department consultants also visits TIMHANS on a reqular basis for providing multifaceted psychiatric facilities. As for the research activities in the department, Mood Disorders, Schizophrenia, Alcohol Depedence are being taken for intensive research works is focused.

Oxygen Therapy for Alcohol Dependent patients is also undertaken in the department.

Ramification of Mood Disorder and personality disorder to issues like Alcoholism and Substances Abuse are taken up for study. The entire faculty of the department is involved in this major project.

Faculty list
Sl.NoNameDesignationQualificationDate of Joining
1Dr. Praveenlal KuttichiraProfessorMBBS, MD16 July 2015
2Dr. Neethi ValsanProfessorMBBS, MD01 July 2011
3Dr. Geomy G ChakkalakkudyAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD07 August 2013
4Dr. Menon Girish SreekumarAssistant ProfessorMBBS, DNB01 June 2013
5Dr. Fr. Dave Augustine AkkaraAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD01 November 2021
6Dr. Anu FrancoSenior ResidentMBBS, MD02 May 2023
7Dr. Asha Maria DavisSenior ResidentMBBS, MD04 October 2023
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