Rights of Patients:

1. Right to information
2. Right to records and reports
3. Right to Emergency Medical Care
4. Right to informed consent
5. Right to confidentiality, human dignity and privacy
6. Right to second opinion
7. Right to transparency in rates, and care according to prescribed rates wherever relevant
8. Right to non-discrimination
9. Right to safety and quality care according to standards
10. Right to choose alternative treatment options if available
11. Right to choose source for obtaining medicines or tests
12. Right to proper referral and transfer, which is free from perverse commercial influences
13. Right to protection for patients involved in clinical trials
14. Right to protection of participants involved in biomedical and health research
15. Right to take discharge of patient, or receive body of deceased from hospital
16. Right to Patient Edu0cation
17. Right to be heard and seek redressal

Responsibilities of Patients and Caretakers:

Along with promoting their rights, patients and caretakers should follow their responsibilities so that hospitals and doctors can perform their work satisfactorily.
1) Patients should provide all required health related information to their doctor, in response to the doctor’s queries without concealing any relevant information, so that diagnosis and treatment can be facilitated.
2) Patients should cooperate with the doctor during examination, diagnostic tests and treatment, and should follow doctor’s advice, while keeping in view their right to participate in decision making related to treatment.
3) Patients should follow all instructions regarding appointment time, cooperate with hospital staff and fellow patients, avoid creating disturbance to other patients, and maintain cleanliness in the hospital.
4) Patients should respect the dignity of the doctor and other hospital staff as human beings and as professionals. Whatever the grievance may be, patient / caregivers should not resort to violence in any form and damage or destroy any property of the hospital or the service provider.
5) The Patients should take responsibility for their actions based on choices made regarding treatment options, and in case they refuse treatment.

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